Finders Keepers

My little living room shake up continues! I have been talking about our summer long effort to get more organized for a little while now and while working at it in the garage this past week I found a forgotten find.

This old desk.

white-living-room photo _MG_6842_zps1af697cf.jpg 

Once upon a time we lived in another house, our first house and we were pretty broke. And we had ZERO experience with decorating and renovating (oh how young and blissfully unaware of the fun to come!). I picked up this desk, originally yellow, for $10 at a garage sale, painted it white and set it beside the bed. Back then I called it a day and left things alone for months, years at a time.

Oh how times and cameras change.

 let's take in the cute dog-wrestling taking place in this time warp post before we continue...
 photo 051.jpg 

Well that old desk has sat in our garage. It wasn't forgotten so much as put to use. It was my paint mixing zone for years as I revamped Whiteberry furniture, but I no longer really need a dedicated paint stirring spot. In fact, I haven't for a while and it was a dusty, dirty mess. 

school-desk photo _MG_6841_zpsc7bc56ce.jpg
So I cleaned it up... just a little. Leaving some drips and drops because I think they add to the story of this desk. Once it was used in a school, but I also learned a lot about business, painting, and juggling work and a baby behind this desk. 

distressed-top photo _MG_6838_zps910586e8.jpg 

I think it looks right at home under my ghost lamps (check out the full DIY right here) and will probably stay put. Mainly because I have nowhere else to put it now!
 photo _MG_6845_zpsdb5e781f.jpg