Money, can't buy happiness. 

There is an awesome little booklet that a mom from Wren's preschool made at the end of the year for all the parents. It was basically an interview with each of the children, all of the them answering the same questions. 

The last question was "what would you do buy with $100?"
Wren, of course, says "A Balloon!"

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That made me so happy. Mainly because I am sure there will be a day when she wants the latest jeans or the coolest shoes and it will be nice to look back on these (inexpensive) days. But it also made me happy because it is nice to know that simple things can still be so special. That she doesn't need extravagant things, and that we can take pleasure in 'treating' her. 
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I hope you treat yourself (or a family member) to something simple this weekend too.
You deserve it.