Glittered Laundry Pins for Wren's Valentine's

So I don't think this is a project you will want to do on laundry pins you still use on laundry, because I will confess that this glitter is a pest. That is probably the nicest thing I can say about the fact that it is just hangs around and sticks to everything... countless vacuumings and wipe downs later. Glamorous laundry isn't ready for these babies.

But super cute Valentine's or little gifts are ready! I found this chunky glitter at De Serres for $3.95 and picked up the laundry pins for $1.99 (for a pack of 50) at Target to glam up Wren's Valentine's.
 photo IMG_9470_zps81bc925b.jpg 
I glued, Wren glittered and it was a fun little afternoon.
A little stamp with a happy message on the pins and we left them to dry over night. Paired with a goodie bag (bag of 12 from the $1 section in Target) we then spent a couple days assembling Wren's Valentine's. 
 photo IMG_9469_zps9c7459c6.jpg 

This is the first year Wren printed all her own class Valentine's, and since there were 24 to do we started early and spread out the printing job over a few days so it wasn't too overwhelming for her. She wanted to use one of our punches and embellish her tags a little more with some hearts then we filled them with goodies!

We have a few allergies to work around in Wren's class so we thought it was best to just do sweet-gifts instead of sweets. The stickers, tattoos and playdough are all from Target and to do 24 bags was around $20. 
 photo IMG_9471_zps3cbe911a.jpg

Her big school party can't come soon enough! She is dying to hand her little creations out.