Partay time!

Sean turned 30 this past weekend! As usual, we try to make every birthday special and fun, filled with people we care about and cherish. When your home is filled with people like that entertaining is so stress-free and much more relaxed I find. 
Sean's birthday is actually on the solstice so we wanted the party to be filled with bright, sunny colours! Thanks to Astrobrights Papers we had so much fun getting party ready. I did some geode cake toppers.
And had a blast creating a bright paper backdrop! This was so fun and easy.
Nothing over the top, just happy and bright since the sun was out until nearly 11pm!
And one dollar store flamingo for good measure, of course.
Honeycomb balls and paper lanterns from Target.
Wren and I had a lot of fun making the paper wall and getting ready for Daddy's party!
What can I say, we love a good excuse to get dolled up!
Birthday cake flavoured Peeps on donuts in our party colors made fun party snacks. 
Thanks to all our friends and family who were able to join in celebrating the big 3-0 for this guy. 
He always deserves a good celebration.