Some things never change

Once upon a time, I refinished garage sale and thrift store furniture like it was my business. In fact, it was my business. I had a fun little furniture refinishing company and made a good go of it as a young mom! But my dreams and ambitions had me set my sights a little higher and instead of refurbishing furniture I now refurbish houses! Not really related, but you can kind of imagine how my mind made that leap.

But I still feel that urge to give a little furniture face lift every so often, specially when I see a good piece. Not doing this daily has forced me to really become picky with bringing home refinishing projects. If we don't NEED a piece, it stays at the thrift store, no matter how amazing the price. Back when Ruby joined the ranks we got rid of a lot of furniture in the family room since it seemed more functional to have some open room and less stress over tipped trinkets or drinks, but now that she's a bit older and calmer we need a little something in here to set stuff on. I wanted it to be CHEAPPPPPP in case of an unfortunate bump LOL, and totally unsurprisingly within 48 hours of our return I have already hit up Ikea (for items for our Quesnell Flip) and a thrift store (it was an innocent drop off turned shopping trip).

The stop at the thrift store turned up this little gem for $5

Cute, right?? Just not my style. But I love the lines and simple style. Plus it was $5! I can't argue with that.

So I got out a can of spray paint, sanded down the splintered areas and gave it a fresh coat of paint! Then when I was at Ikea I found this adorable little remnant of fabric for $3 and decided to throw a LACK table ($9.99) into the mix for more presence.

and voila!

The perfect footstool/table combo for a little interest and utility. And the BACKSIDE of a new rug from Urban Outfitters since they keep shipping me the wrong colour combo on the one  I want so I've given up returning and reordering after the 3rd go round and just flipped it upside down for a cream flat woven rug.

And a goodbye from this little man, because, well how funny is he looking these days?