thistles and thorns

Every good garden must deal with it's share of weeds. With that said, ours is far from being considered a garden, or good for that matter. But every year around this time I see the thistles that have managed to escape my attention sprout little blooms in the most lovely shade of purple. Seems too special to kill off, so I drag them inside before they go to seed and enjoy them briefly.

My candle obsession always pays off in garden season because I have so many little containers for my floral prizes. This little blue and white one was once upon a time a candle I picked up on clearance for $7 at Anthropologie. The stacking candle holders behind it came from Ikea and the candle on the right is a whiskey candle from Urban Outfitters and the Mimosa candle is from Diptyque.

Have a sweet week!