July is always a good month to hit up the mall. Air conditioning? check. End of season sales? check. A variety of ice cold smoothy joints? check.

Plus we have a couple family birthdays around this time of year, so Wren and I have made a couple days out of heading to the mall for bit when it's sweltering outside.

While dutifully gift shopping we found a few cute things just too cute to pass by.

The H&M home section has a ton of good sales finds right now, and in store they are an extra 50% off the sale price, bringing them down to the $1 and $2 range!

This little mint jar and ($2) and enamel ring bowls ($1.50) were speaking my love language of pastels.

I haven't been in an adult Gap store in what seems like ages, but I was really excited with some of their colour combos and modern pieces. Lots of clean lines and great casual pieces, plus pretty much everything was on sale, so I gave these skinny jeans a go and fell in love. Stretchy, comfy, effortlessly casual, they are my new favourite jeans. And well, these shoes don't need any explanation other than: blush leather.

At Chapters/Indigo I found a peony candle that will be my little summer treat (this one also caught my attention)

And last, but not least, Wren picked out this cute pillow case for her bed.

In New Orleans our neighbours had a running joke that you needed a black cat to be initiated into the neighbourhood. There were countless black cats on our little block, and Wren fell in love with all of them, so it is fitting that she has her own little black cat still.

And that's what's new around here these days. I hope you're beating the heat wherever you are as well!