In A Summer Slumber

It's been one of the hottest Summers I can remember, the kind where you wake up drink a cool cup of coffee and already feel like you have heat exhaustion and want to crawl into a cool bed again.

The only remedy I've found that works is a cool body of water. A pool, river, lake, I'll take anything.

It's weekends like these I am so thankful for the cabin because time truly does stand still there. Growing up at the cabin are some of my best memories and reliving them with Wren has been so fun.

Hours spent on the water, jumping and diving, teaching her to swim are priceless.

We've had some smoke blow in from distant forest fires, giving the lake a hazy atmosphere lately, making it feel more like we have our own little world we are all happily spending this summer together in.

Happiest of Summer memories to you, too, friends.