Spinach Feta Croissants

This past Friday Wren and I prepped some croissants to pop in the oven for brunch one morning this weekend and it was both fun to try making these for the first time and have such a warm, gooey breakfast with minimal work the morning of.

Croissant dough is no joke and I definitely went above my skill level making it (I have LOTS of room for improvement), trying the recipe from the Duchess cook book. They also have a recipe for fillings, but we altered it to fit our tastes a little more. But if croissant dough isn't your passion try picking up pre-made dough for that part which is what I plan on doing in the future to streamline the job.

For the filling we took the butter and garlic in a saucepan and heated for a minute or so to get the garlic brown then set aside. I had our spinach all defrosted and dried as much as possible in a little bowl where I poured the garlic butter mix in to, stirring it all together and adding a little pepper and salt. You don't need much salt because the feta adds lots of that. Then we added in our feta and stirred a bit more.

I just made little rectangles and started filling up our breakfast croissants.

once they are all filled and assembled I wrapped in plastic them to keep them from drying out and put in the fridge until the morning. The next morning I took them out and set them in the oven (which is still off) with a big bowl of hot water for an hour to get them puffing up. I had no idea how this step would go but they really did puff up nicely, then I baked for 15 minutes and voila! Hot and melty breakfast croissants!

[vintage platter, oven mitt found here from La Cocotte]

Hope your weekend was full of sun and smiles.