Summer at 6

This has been the Summer of juggling for me. We are almost finished our Quesnell flip (I will share pics soon!!!) and it has been challenging to balance that with having Wren home from School. Of course, we aren't working 8 hour days 7 days a week or anything, but she has still had to endure many last minute home depot runs and trips to meet trades. So I've been making a big effort to spend our time NOT working on the house in an extra fun way.

The key to Wren's heart has always been crafting. She just loves it, so I bought one of these Perler kits recently and we have spent hours working on our creations. This is the best investment I've made in our Summer by far.


We always adore a good painting session, and since we are always shaking up our art around here we can always use more! Trying to come up with new colour combos is our usual topic of discussion.


Our crown making skills are sadly out of tune (this one was made using scotch tape LOL), but she loves picking the flowers and wearing the crowns so we will keep honing our skills.


I can't wait to finally be finished at Quesnell and kick our feet up at the pool a little more often, but as a crafter myself I've been enjoying all our little creative afternoons now that she's a little older and has an eye of her own.