Smoothie Operator


It's been a hot one here (I'm sure not so hot as some of you have! But hot by our standards at least) and it's been fun to let Wren get a little creative in the kitchen. Like I've said before, she loves three things in life: animals, crafting and making stuff in the kitchen. Smoothies are  pretty safe in that we don't have to worry about anyone needing first aid or burning themselves so when it's snack time I've been putting out 2 or 3 blender cups for her to create little concoctions in and then I blend them up.


It is a sure fire success every time and she gets the pleasure of saying she basically made it all alone (I sometimes need to add the muscle when it comes to scooping the ice cream)


We love making our own popsicles too, but patience isn't our strong suit and the million 'are they ready yet?'s have all been eliminated this way. Hope you are staying cool are refreshed too, friends!