Fondue Skewer Plant Stakes


I stopped into my favourite thrift store last week to pick up a couple new books and was browsing around when I saw a plastic bin of mismatched kitchen utensils. Among the all the stainless steel I saw just a few hints of teal, purple, even pink so I dug around and saw a huge pile of fondue skewers at the bottom, obviously all from different sets. But beautiful colours all together, so I grabbed some thinking I could find a use for them! They ended up being 10 cents a piece so it was a no brainer to grab all these pretty colours.


My first thought was to use them in my pots around the house for herbs. I don't only keep them in the kitchen window, so this way I don't forget what's what.



They look so fun and happy that I've just started sticking them in to random plants even without labelling. I think a couple would also be fun to use to stick a little thank you note on for a hostess gift or string a mini banner across them in a little terrarium.


Some times things just make you happy for no explicable reason and these little guys just make me smile.