I picked up the cutest cookbook at Ikea a couple weeks ago. It is all baked goodies, based on the swedish concept of coffee time (which I'm guessing is similar to our saying 'tea time'). We've tried out a couple of them and they are soooo wonderfully simple and fun to make. IMG_0682

The colours and simple, fun ingredient layouts are so darling and almost as fun as eating the creations! IMG_0660 IMG_0661 IMG_0665

 Our first try were sweet little jam buttons. IMG_0662

My ingredient pile isn't nearly as cute as the book LOL.


Fast, simple, and yummy delicious. A winning combo!

    IMG_0674              The best part was how fast these came together (we're talking under 15 minutes, then 12 to bake). But the worst is how fast they disappear!