It's been a while since I did one of these, which is odd, because I love these little snapshots in time of what's happening in life. So let's get to it.

Current favourite activity: Paper folding. It's pretty much free if you have some paper, some patience and find a cool template online to try. It takes some practice to get comfortable with playing with the paper, but I am finding it strangely soothing (although at times insanely frustrating). I've only done really really basic geometric shapes and folds, but I love that this is a relatively easy and fast craft.

 Current best find: This set of vintage bakelite candle sticks I found for $2 while I was dropping off more purge goods at the thrift store (YES!! I know! It is the opposite of purging to bring new stuff home, but it was impossible to leave them). If it's a shade of peachy-pink I'm sold.

Current makeup obsession: Lip and cheek tint by Rosie Jane. I have been a HUGE fan of Rosie Jane's scents and candles for a few years now but she just launched these perfectly tinted stains and I'm crazy in love. They're perfect for these last summer days where we soak ourselves in sunscreen and just need a little something to add some colour.

 Currently Working On: DOG TRAINING!!! We have had a trainer come out to the house to give us some guidance on working on all three and how to keep things under control and it has been life changing. Specially with Ruby and Mr. Bean, who are really smart and need more discipline and can handle more strict commands and boundaries. We have come a long way, but want them to be the best mannered little fur babies so the work continues... (ps: Happy Dog Day!)


Currently snacking on: This giant candy apple we got at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!  Caramel+Chocolate+Coconut=Heaven (don't tell Wren how much I've snuck after bed time!!!)


Currently Wearing: Still crazy about this chambray top I got from H&M this past spring. It's so easy to pair with skirts or cargo pants, or even fancy jogging pants... I'm glad I didn't second guess myself too much when I first eyed it.


Currently on rotation: Miguel's Wildheart album. I just love his voice, his sound, everything. Damned, Waves, and Deal are my favs but I would be lying if I didn't say I loved them all. So there ya have it! I little snapshot of my last, carefree days of summer.