Wren starts grade two after the long weekend and I am sitting here scratching my head wondering where the Summer went. It has been a busy, fun, hot Summer, but really I can't get into the Fall mindset. Give me more ice cream, bike ride, pool filled days!!! However, I know how much easier life gets in the Fall when we are all back on a schedule and Wren is dying to see all her school friends again... isn't there always a silver lining?

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I know everyone in hot climates is eager for a slight cool down. Some of our friends in New Orleans texted back in August that they were dying down there and to expect them on our doorstep any minute LOL (I'D LOVE THAT!). But of course it got me reminiscing about those warm, steamy days from the Spring and the beautiful magnolia flowers that were literally falling on us from neighbourhood trees on our evening strolls.


Cheers to one last Summer long weekend! I hope to spend it making new memories.