Seating Shake Up

A few weeks ago we took our white slipcovered chairs out of the dining room. We bought them at Ikea about 8 years ago and while they were in great shape still and I had no real reason to not like them anymore they just didn't mesh with the table we bought last year. It is a very geometric, graphic table (I found it at a thrift store for $50 and painted it white) and it really should stand alone and not be hidden behind so much fabric. So I sold the old ones on Kijiji and have made due with an assortment of mismatched chairs from around the house. Seeing the table clearer already feels right in here and I've been debating over which direction to go for the chairs.


The current front runner are Hans Wegner wishbone chairs.

The curvy lines and timeless design are the perfect contrast to the sharp lines of the table without competing with it. The biggest hold back for me is the price. At $600+ per chair I think I would have to *gasp* go with a reproduction. They still run $300-$400 each as reproductions so I have to decide if these are REALLY REALLY what we want and will want to live with for a while.

In the more affordable options column I have been eying the Reidar chair from Ikea. It is a simple but unique looking chair. I like that it has a low profile and the curves are just the right amount of contrast without being too dramatic. And at $49? Unbeatable on the price.

And last but not least is another Ikea option, the Janinge chair. I LOVE the simplicity of this chair. It is almost too plain, but in the right setting it is perfection to me. I actually couldn't find many photos of this chair but it is probably my favourite option if the wishbone chairs don't make the cut. I found it to be more comfortable than the other Ikea option and I could fit 6 around 2 sides of the table for more seating.

Hmmmm, decisions...