October 20


Today is our 8th wedding anniversary! It is hard to believe it has been so many years already, but at the same time it really does (in a good way). We were 23 when we got married and have grown so much together and looking back at us then we were so different and soooo much younger!!! I don't want to get all gushy and lovey-dovey here since I tend keep our relationship pretty private in general, but to everyone who has loved and supported us we thank you so much. One of the things that has stuck with me over the years was when our super sweet and amazing wedding photographer told my parents "those two are going to be good together". I never got to thank him for that because he passed away the week after our wedding, but I can't tell you how much that has meant to me.

We've had a very crazy, amazing year and Sean has put a lot of his life on hold for me to pursue my dreams. He's my biggest fan, supporter, and always willing to pitch in to help me make things happen. It's pretty amazing and I think he already knows this but it never hurts to say another thank you and give a big kiss.

We're not really into gifts for each other, and we actually don't even wear wedding rings, because those sorts of things don't matter to us. But little heartfelt surprises tend to pop up regularly which makes everyday life so much more fun.

[ my little surprise for him]


[ I found this cute little lemon cake at our neighbourhood grocery store for $6 ]


 because every celebration should have cake!


Our house pretty much always has music playing. It makes any activity so much more fun when there is a beat! So we have playlists for pretty much everything LOL. Driving to the lake? Have a friend over for coffee? Making brunch? There's a play list for that! Here are some of my favourite songs from my Love Song playlist if you are looking to add a little romance to your day.