Dinner Fun


I've mentioned a few times how 2015 has been the year we are trying to make dinner as easy and stress free as possible. We've done meal planning for the past while and it has worked out wonderfully. Specially because we actually plan to use up the leftovers or strategically make more in order to make the second night's dinner prep easier. At this time we just can't devote an hour or an hour and a half to dinner prep every night, but every 2 or three nights is reasonable and manageable. One of the easiest ways is to cook extra chicken when you are preparing another chicken meal. I'll do 5 or 6 breasts instead of just 2 or 3 and then the next night we can do chicken burgers (or stir fry, or pasta with chicken... the options are endless)

We are pretty simple so for chicken burgers we just need an extra red pepper, avocado and some mozzarella on hand.


And since nobody loves eating left overs, the key for us is to make them not feel like it. We often do sweet potato fries (the frozen kind you just pop in the oven) and I whip up some garlic/paprika/mayo dip


I've also found my pastel fondue sticks work perfectly at holding burgers together, another win for my 10 cent thrift store find!



They say that you eat first with your eyes, and I think that is half the battle with leftovers!