Shop Local 2.0

As I mentioned last week, all this month I am taking you guys inside the local shops and workspaces of some of my friends as part of the Shop Local movement that happens at the end of the month. It truly is so important to support the businesses in our community, and the more I've seen support for these businesses the more I've seen our creative community thrive! 

Today I am taking you inside my friend Lane Edwards' beautiful apothecary studio! She is the goddess behind Pura Botanicals, an all natural, handmade collection of skincare and fragrances. Pura believes in chemical free, natural, eco-minded products that make you feel you absolute most divine. Lane has a true passion for fragrance and has learned from the very best all the way over in France and has trained her nose to come up with the most luxurious potions. Not only does Pura offer a full range of skin/hair care items, but Lane offers personal perfume creating sessions. She looks to create a personalized scent that evokes memories of your own childhood as well as based off your personality and preferences. As she loves to say, your scent legacy is most likely one of your strongest. The nose is the most delicate and memory driven sensory organ after all!

If you are in the Edmonton region you can experience the amazing Pura Studio in person on Wednesdays between 10-4pm or anyone, anywhere can see more at the Pura Website!

Now on to the tour! Sorry for the overload of photos, but I had a hard time paring it back any further. Every.single.thing in the studio is so beautiful and intentional!


Isn't it magical??! I hope you enjoyed the tour and stop by to say hi to Lane. I also have made the switch over to an entirely Pura skin care routine recently and I will definitely be sharing more on that in the very near future.