Wren's Bathroom Reno Plan

We are almost done the demo in Wren's bathroom and down to the guts of the job. This is often the most frustrating part of the job because there is always some sort of hiccup. Need to move the plumbing up by 4 inches? sounds minor but it always adds extra days, and unexpected expenses if you've hired trades!

But we are almost on to the pretty stuff and that is when it gets fun. And this reno is particularly fun for me for 2 reasons: 1. it is an incredibly tight budet and 2. it's for Wren!

I know you are probably like 'what??? She likes tight budgets?', but I do! I always find that I come up with my favourite ideas when I am under a forced constraint of some sort. And while I always am anyways, this project in particular has a really teeny tiny budget! We are trying to keep the whole bathroom in the $2000-$2500 range which is incredibly small when you are replacing absolutely everything in a bathroom!

We are going with 6x6 basic white wall tiles, which is about as affordable as you can get with tile! I love the graphic grid it creates when you take it around the whole room. We picked up the vanity, sink basin and faucet at Ikea a few weeks ago when they were having a 15% off sale on bathroom items and so that all came in around $550 which is incredible for a 42 inch vanity. Wren's bathroom is actually pretty big so we have lots of room to inject personality with the storage/accessories. And of course, she is a big lover of pink! So we've chosen pink and yellow for her.

I think it will be a great bathroom for a growing little girl, all the basics are timeless and the accessories can be updated as she get older! Now to just get it finished...