Little Scandi Christmas Trees

We got tied up this past weekend with lots of various fun and exciting projects such as putting up the Christmas lights outside, having a family style dinner with our bestest buddies and working on different things in relation to the premiere of BIG EASY RENO!!! So the Christmas tree didn't go up as planned, but we are aiming to have it up maybe as early as tonight if nothing comes up. But Wren and I did add these little wooden trees to the holiday mix this past week and thought we'd share!

We found these little wooden trees at Michael's while we were there getting the beads and string for the garland I shared last week we saw these adorable, simple little trees. They ranged from $7-$12 (which seems ridiculously high, really) but they were all 50% so we grabbed them and all three came up at $12.50, so not too bad all together. 

With a little spray paint we had laying around we added a little colour to biggest tree, but decided to leave the other guys alone. You could use acrylic or leftover paint from around the house too, but I would recommend priming (duh!), I tried to take the easy way out and it took about 4 coats without primer. 

I like how the one tree is glossy in contrast to the others. I may have Wren dab on some paint in polkadots still, to add 'lights' to the trees. Wren's beautiful stocking from Minda Home is still the star of the show! I can't wait till our newest addition from Minda arrives shortly!

AND FINALLY, on a separate note (but the same console LOL), I am excited to announce the opening of the SHOP section of my site! It is still in it's infancy, but will be added to with various prints in different sizes over the  next couple weeks as they start to arrive here. All of them are photography by me, with edits of varying degrees to bring a little more fun to them, in the spirit of being "in the fun lane". 

To celebrate!!! There is a 30% promo right now on all purchases, just use code OPEN . Thank you all so much for your support and love!!!!