Ready To Party!

Two more sleeps and we will be crowding all our nearest and dearest around this TV to watch the premiere of Big Easy Reno!!! Eeek! I can't wait.

We wanted to make it a true celebration, with lots of fun eats (there will be a mountain of donuts and lots of steaming hot coffee), and of course a fun atmosphere. You may remember my little sneak peek of the goodies that had arrived from Under The Paper Lantern a month or two ago, and I finally get to put them up!!

They are so fun to put together, but even funner to look at up on the wall! Would anyone think I'm strange for leaving them up forever? I'm kinda considering my options here...

The fans are Wren's favourite, mine is the fan garland.


Don't forget! We will be Periscoping live from this party before and after the Big Easy Reno premiere on Saturday at noon EST, you can follow me at @inthefunlane and participate with us, ask questions or just enjoy the party!! Can't wait to see you then!