Shop Local 4.0

Today's instalment of Shop Local is one I'm really excited about, because it is the shop of my dear dear friend Jenna! Jenna is the design guru and tastemaker behind Plum Home & Design, one of my absolute favourite stops in town!

Plum has everything from one of a kind antiques to modern accessories to baby toys to handmade jewellery. But it all comes together in an effortless, cohesive way in the perfect eclectic mix, which is why I find it such an inspiring place.

One of my other favourite things about Plum is that Jenna is extremely passionate about supporting small, local vendors as well as small suppliers across the country. It is a great place to find the next up and coming brand or trend.

If you are looking for gifts or decor that you won't find in anywhere else, you are guaranteed to find what you're looking for. Some of my favourite things around the house were found in the odd corner at Plum (like my Banquet Workshop heart).

Seriously though, this pink Juju hat is probably my favourite thing ever!

Copper toned ornaments? yes please!

I can't ever leave without restocking my stationary drawer. There is a handmade card and wrapping supplies for any event imaginable, usually for the same price or less than you will pay at any grocery store or book store.

These matte, handmade tumblers have me OBSESSED!!! 

If you are in the Edmonton area, definitely stop by and take in the eye candy for yourself! And if not, you can always find Jenna and Plum online right here. Thanks to the ladies of Plum for letting me poke around!!