Kawaii Gift Bags

I have lots of little goodies to put under the tree this year, and I was itching for a craft last week so I came up with a cute way to reuse a variety of muslin bags I have received over the past year. It was really fun and easy to do, and adds a lot of character to the tree.

You only need a couple supplies: a muslin bag, some fabric paint, a brush and some aluminum foil or wax paper to put inside the bag so the paint doesn't leak through to the back side.

I googled "kawaii faces" to come with some various ideas. Some bags have logos or branding on them I wanted to cover so it was easier to just look up ideas quickly, rather than testing my drawing skills. I simply free handed the designs, which sounds hard but the beauty of Kawaii style faces is they are very simple and easy to draw.

My first couple attempts, a little panda and a winky face duck. Simple, but fun!