Sending Off Our Santa Lantern

Yesterday we received the funnest package in the mail from Nouwee and I just have to share! I had Wren write a letter to Santa early in December and had wonderful intentions to get to the post office and mail it off, but we just keep forgetting it when we're out and haven't had much free time to make a run when we remember it's sitting there on the counter still needing a stamp. Then I heard about these adorable tissue lanterns and I was so excited! It's a great way to make a special memory and tradition for the holidays, so we decided to send our letter via lantern!

A few other Nouwee goodies we wanted to try as well: Luminous Balloons, Piñata Balloons (both for our birthday celebrations today and tomorrow) and Snow Colour! The Snow Colour looks so fun! It's a powder you shake on to the snow, like the kind you see in colour runs. And I will definitely update when we give it a go.

The Lantern!!!

I unfolded it and got it ready for flight. It was definitely way bigger than I thought it would be but that makes it so much easier for the kids to watch it as it gets so high in the sky.

Wren got her letter all transferred over to the little card that came with the lantern for us to attach. This is the magic part, because the letter guides the lantern directly to Santa! 

Eager to get it lit!!

Once you light it you have to hold it for a minute while the hot air fills the lantern, then it's time to send it up!

She wanted to chase it as far as she could, but eventually we had to just watch it take flight! It made it so high we couldn't even see it after about 5 minutes. I can't tell you how magical Wren thought it all was, and it has been one of the funnest things we have done this holiday!

For our little family birthday party last night she just couldn't resist getting the Luminous Balloons out. Her big party with all her buddies is tomorrow at Noon, so a little too bright for glowing balloons anyway, but these were a blast to play with in the dark.

At bed time we took them all up to her bedroom and she thought it was too funny to fall asleep with them glowing all around her room.

Such fun stuff, you have a big new fan  Nouwee!!