Easy Vintage Ornament Garland

We got the tree up last night!! But it wasn't exactly as planned, we usually get a fresh, live one but this year our truck is holding a sizeable pile of debris from the bathroom demo for a weekend trip to the dump. So we broke out the old faux tree and that was just fine with the little person in the house (who just couldn't wait one more minute to get it up!).

Our plan this year was to not do ornaments on the tree, just lots of lights and garland, and while we didn't get the fresh tree, we still stuck with that plan. Wren just LOVES being near the tree, touching the tree, laying under the tree, so it is just safest and easiest to display the ornaments some other way (this turned out to be the right call, the star topper has already tumbled off when Ruby bumped the tree today!). So we made a garland out of some of our vintage ornaments I've rounded up over the years at garage sales, thrift stores and estate sales and displayed it above the reach of the herd of dogs roaming the house these days.

Sorting through the collection...

With the leftover length of neon pink rope from the wood bead garland we just tied these on every few inches.

The final result is pretty fun and happy! And looks extra full and colourful in front of a mirror that reflects the beautiful backsides as well. It actually looks like there's twice as many ornaments!

Between this garland and the jar of ornaments you might have spotted in the wooden tree post earlier this week there was still a handful more to use up so we have placed them in random spots that could stand to see a little more cheer.

We are decking the halls with lots of gusto this year, and it may just be my favourite holiday season in a long time with all the fun we've been having!