The Routine

I have been slowly switching over to a more natural skin care routine over the past few years. It's hard! But I've always had very sensitive skin and I immediately know when makeup or lotion or cleanser doesn't sit well with my skin. So I tend to only make small changes over time to avoid a major issue on that front, plus if I change over all at once I wouldn't be able to pin point what exactly set my skin off and remove it from the routine! 

After hanging out at the Pura studio a few times this past year I was so blown away by Lane's very similar experience (in fact it was the spark that ignited what came to be Pura!) and decided to switch over from my beloved Dr. Haushka products to Pura. It's funny because they must have some very similar ideas on what should be in natural skin care because several of the products even have a similar smell! But I love that Lane hand mixes every single batch of product that leaves her studio. Her products also seem to have a more desirable consistency to me, I prefer a thick, firm cream versus a watery consistency. But besides all the personal opinions, I have been blown away by how much I adore these products.

I started with focusing on my night routine. Pura has several routines you can personalize, but I tend to focus on skincare in the evenings, and worry only about cleansing and sun protection for my morning routine. So I started out with the Overnight Watermelon Mask. WOW! This pale pink potion is pretty much my new favourite thing. The smell is the first thing I loved. You know when you buy an expensive cream and it smells too much like perfume? I hate that and it is the best way for me to wake up to raw or rashy skin! But this scent is so natural and soft, and as yummy as it sounds, and no irritation (yay!!). So I start with the countess cleanser, and one or two nights a week do the Watermelon Mask (it is a gentle exfoliating mask that also moisturizes). I don't go near the eye area, and instead do a quick swipe of the Neroli Eye ritual under my eyes and around the outer corners by my temples. 

The other 5 nights a week I still do the Neroli Eye Ritual, but instead of the Watermelon Mask i do the Night Cocoon. I was previously using SeaBerry Oil from Fresh but found that it would slowly migrate around my hair line and make my hair greasy. But it is SO DRY here that I need something extremely moisturizing and THIS IS IT. The cocoon is rich and moist and I love how soft my skin is in the morning. 

My final addition was the Mane Mist. I am actually a very very sparse hair product user because it again tends to irritate my face when my hair is in my face, etc. But I thought I'd try this guy out and it has been a lovely addition to my morning routine. It does help absorb light grease and yet also adds some texture for me. A real treat for me to find non irritating hair product!!

The full line up. 

It's funny how as I get older, I care so much more about how I treat  my skin. And my routine at the end of the day is my little moment to take some time and treat myself. It's important to give yourself that time to enjoy yourself.