DIY Custom Wreath

I went out to grab a wreath with my Mom for her front door last week and was surprised at how few wreaths there are to be found out there! I guess I don't do much wreath shopping so I had no idea that there aren't many left this time of year and what I saw I wasn't too thrilled with. So I decided to make something on my own that would jive with our house!

Everything came from Rona and was an easy one stop shop (much of their holiday supplies are on sale!). I love the shape of some of the red and green ornaments, but they don't exactly scream Holly... but then again there isn't a ton of holiday selection out there for those of us looking for pastels with a hit of neon LOL

So a little spray paint was an easy, quick way to make my own colour scheme.

I really liked this wreath because it has various kinds of faux greenery. Some of it is really realistic, but to take it up a notch I went out and clipped 4 small branches from a tree in the yard to add some extra fullness and realness.

A little hot glue and some careful placement of the ornaments did the trick, and just a length of ribbon I had laying around adds a perfect hit of bright pink! 

oh, and one happy little pompom I saved off of a gift I received!

I'm always shocked at how a little paint can transform pretty much anything! And I think we are all holiday ready now!!