Wishing you a Happy Holidays

We have been cozied up, home bound for the holidays! It is frigid out here at the cabin and we are just enjoying each other and our family while baking, playing games and singing silly songs. It sounds super cheesy, but it has been a truly amazing Christmas and to spend it with so many special people has made it even better.

We attempted our first ever batch of home made marshmallows for a bonfire we are having at the cabin. The first batch reinforced my lack of confidence in the kitchen when it basically turned into gum, but the second batch is a success and we had so much fun making them.

We added peppermint extract and a little red food colouring for a twist in our hot chocolate.

We are about to go out to light the fire, but we'll see how long we last out here in these arctic temperatures!! 

Sending you all happy holiday wishes and a safe and special New Year, from our family to yours!