Holiday Wrap Up

I am starting the process of dismantling Christmas. Usually it's a dreaded task, but this year I actually don't feel stressed or overwhelmed at all. I think it's because we did a really good job of keeping Christmas simple this year, with just a handful of decorations, but even still I'm not in any rush and will just work away at it little by little over the next couple days.

The bigger job seems to be sorting through all the gifts and getting them put away. It's not like there are so many, but for Wren she still wants to play with EVERYTHING and she jumps from new toy to new toy fairly quickly so there's really little point in trying to keep the toys under control. But I also have a lot of gift bags and such that we can re-use so there is a bit of organizing to do still, and the gifts Sean and I got from family are so 'us', so I want to display them!

[ some of my current favourite pillows, from Sloppop Yeah! and Minda Home]

One of my favourite gifts we gave Wren (and a few other little girls in our life) are these adorable handmade Rocky Mountain pillows from Sloppop Yeah!. Wren LOVES stuffies, so I knew these would be a hit, but she has also used them as back ground scenery when playing with her 'Frozen' lego Santa brought her. I told her it is to always remind her that even the biggest mountains can feel small when we really want to do something and we put our mind to it. Plus they are insanely adorable, so maybe it was kind of a gift for myself too...

The new favourite book of the house was waiting under the tree for Wren.

Santa was also really good to Wren this year, leaving her some Frozen Lego (YES!!! We are STILL in the Frozen phase, going on two years now... LOL) which was a huge hit.

A small birthday gift has now been incorporated into the dining room planter...

My sister put this cute little unicorn ornament on my birthday gift and it is just too cute to put away for the rest of the year with the holiday decorations! 

Birthday flowers from my Dad, and a couple of my favourite gifts from under the tree at my Sister In law's house. THANKS KATE!!! She knows me and my candle addiction so well.

I can't believe it is just days away from 2016, but this holiday has been the best way to end 2015. So much fun and family!