Advent Tree

This year we put up the faux tree instead of grabbing a real one like we've done for the past couple years. BUT I was missing the beauty of a real, fresh, fragrant tree and when I was our doing errands the other day I saw this little guy for $14! So he has become our version of an Advent Calendar.

We needed a little more holiday spirit at the front door so I quickly made a little Ho Ho Ho art with some scrapbook paper and some black paint. The easiest of easy is the way to go, specially if you are making it your own and have to kind of create the stuff you want in the right colour scheme!

I grabbed 12 little goodies to wrap up for under the tree. Everything from socks to lip balm to costume jewellery. Stuff I know Wren either needs or loves, but all of it was under $3 per gift, some as little as $1. We are going to start counting down the days to Christmas on the 13, and then every day she can pick one little package to open each day.

A little glitter as all the tree needs to give a little sparkle (it came that way, by the way. I probably wouldn't go tossing glitter on a tree if you don't want to be cleaning forever more LOL).

One little 6 year old can hardly wait to begin open her parcels! And I'm so thrilled to see her excitement with the magic of the season which is the best gift she can give me.