Coffee[table] Time

I had a fun shoot here at home yesterday for an upcoming issue of Flare magazine, so the house is pretty much as spotless as it may ever be. The big surprise of the day was when I realized that the photographers were none other than Alyssa Lau and her boyfriend, Eric!!! I had quite a fangirl moment after years of adoring her from a distance on social media, only to have her in my house! She is just a gorgeous and stylish in person folks, and a big inspiration. We had such a great time together, it's always so awesome to find people are just as cool in person as they seem online and these two are as fun and cool as they look.

The other bonus to doing the shoot is that it is has been a good excuse the get the house back in order after the holidays as well as take some fresh photos of my own to update our house tour under the Work tab above (I will be sharing here all week as I update the page room by room, and I'm hoping to also add the many projects and flips I have yet to add over there!!!).

One of the updates I made for the shoot was our coffee table situation in the living room.


We formerly had these two vintage side tables I'd bought for $20 and painted, but many years of Lego building on them from Wren has taken it's toll and they were feeling a little visually heavy without the sofa in here (it's still over at the Quesnell house).

So I went and brought home the Ikea nesting tables I had over at Quesnell. They are a natural wood finish, and really lovely, but I had intended on painting them and never got to it over there.

I brought the tables home and gave just the tops a quick couple coats of spray paint (I detached the legs to save the trouble of taping them off). And I am pretty happy with the results!

The warmth of the wood is a perfect addition to the room, but the white of the table tops keeps my white-obsessed personality from getting anxious LOL. My love of all white design in our own home is pretty much the only constant in my style evolution, some things never change!