Wren's Room

Today I'm giving you a little tour of Wren's room! Like I mentioned last week, when the house was spotless last week for our Flare shoot I took a bunch of pics of my own to update the 'Home Sweet Home' tour of our home over under the Work section of the site. I think we've had a good amount of small changes that feel like they add up to a bit of a different vibe around the house since some of those were taken.

Wren's room is one of the least shared rooms of our house, because it rarely looks this tidy. And nor should it! It's her place to be free, creative, play and have her own personal space. She loves her room, and her most frequent activity up here is playing dress up or Barbies. We let a lot of the toys come out in the rest of the house, but to keep the peace when it comes to losing a ton of little bits and pieces, we ask that the Barbies only stay in her room (they're all tossed into the TOYS bin when not being played with).

[homemade watercolor, H&M bedding, Sloppop Yeah mountain pillows]

[Vintage cabinet and quilt, reproduction Eames Chair]

[ TellKiddo toy storage bag, Ikea Selje night stand, Bunny night light]

I hope you had fun in Wren's happy little space!