It's monday, it's still Winter and I am nursing Wren back from our second go round with a nasty cold this winter. So yeah, things can only look up from here! But I'm gonna gloss over these unchangeable facts and reminisce over what else is currently making up the fabric of our lives.


Currently Burning: any and all candles in the house. It's dark early, it's been COLD and I find a little comfort in the warmth (real and imagined) that they add to the house. 

Currently rocking: A new coat I treated myself to at DKNY with a gift card that was burning a hole in my wallet for over a year now! It's long, it's fairly formal and it has a luxurious faux fur collar, which means it hides the less than fashionable clothing I'm definitely wearing underneath. When it's this cold there's no point in trying people. Also, I've discovered it's a good idea to take your selfies in the mirrors anywhere but at home (like here at Ikea) so that I don't have to apologize for the dog snout and hand prints all over the ones at home.

Currently Enjoying: The sunrises this time of year. It's mother Nature's consolation for all this bitter cold. 

Currently Listening To: I Am Sam by The Dream. I will admit, I'm a fan of The Dream, but he hasn't done much in quite some time that I was rocking on repeat (although I will replay Fancy by him until the end of time). But this cover album of Sam Cooke's classics is simply breathtaking. You can listen to the whole album on SoundCloud here.

Currently Loving: All the last chance sales out there right now! I have gotten Wren some really good stuff at crazy prices. Her personal favourites are this blouse, jeggings and booties from Zara. And I'm waiting on a good little stockpile of candles (since I've been burning away all my current ones), thanks to this amazing sale at Illume!