I think {weave} met before

The Holiday spirit has come early this year. Well, it's still a small dose, not the full meal deal yet, but I am already in the holiday mindset. Wren and I started the season off with a fairly simple and VERY quick and easy DIY. 

It really only requires two things (and two more if you want to get creative): yarn and an embroidery hoop. We grabbed the largest hoop we could find which was $2.65 after a 40% off coupon at Michaels. The beautiful thing is you can get 2 wreaths out of it by using the outer and inner hoops separately. So really, this wreath is in the $2-$3 range fully completed!

We cut 15 equal lengths of wool, but you can do any amount you like since it depends on how chunky your wool is.

Just loop your yarn onto the hoop and VOILA!, instant wreath. I feel so accomplished at this after my creation at a MakeShop Social event last year (you can catch that post here). The biggest thing to watch for is to tie them all on in the same direction. But if you slip up it's a quick fix, this is literally a no stress craft.

I trimmed my ends into a V formation and added some greens from the yard with floral wire (the two extra items I mentioned at the beginning) for a holiday twist.

While I was hard at work on this cream one, Wren made a really nice version in grey for her Aunt Torri! 

They are easy, quick and super cheap, so basically the perfect hostess gift for all the minimalists in your life.