Scandi Inspired Holiday Tree Bags

This is such a fun and easy little Holiday project, although it's so easy I almost can't call it a project. 

The only things you need to complete it are two white paper lunch bags, a pair of scissors and a plant (in this case a $5 mini Christmas tree!).

Before opening the bags I cut them roughly down to roughly 2/3rds their height. Then I opened them up and put one bag inside the other. This is just because I found one bag wasn't quite thick enough to not see the pot inside. Then I folded down the top lip twice to cover the trimmed edge. I also recommend potting your plant in a vessel that doesn't have bottom drainage holes to keep from getting the bags wet, just pot them as usual.

See? So simple and cute! I ordered a pack of 100 of these bags on Amazon for about $8, because I can think of about 100 good ideas for simple white bags (we're gonna custom paint some for Wren's Birthday goodie bags!).

They make a perfect hostess gift, or add a couple little ornaments or a star and give them to a friend or teacher! 

Adding a little paint would be a fun way to customize them to your decor as well if the white bag is a little on the boring side for you!

I already have a few around the house, but I'm sure I'll add a couple more in little spots around the house before the holidays are through!