The Ice Castle

This weekend we made a trip down to the Ice Castle that has been made out of icicles in Hawrelak Park. You can get info on tickets and the address here. It is just as stunning in person as it looks in photos, and after seeing a few other local friends sharing on social media we have been itching to get down and explore it for ourselves.

They harvest fresh icicles every day to keep the castle growing and as beautiful as possible. The gorgeous shade of blue-ish green the ice gives off is just beautiful, but it is also lit from inside the ice and can change to stunning shades of pink and purple. Water features, an ice slide and carvings are waiting around various corners and turns.

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There are a lot of other people in the castle as well, but because of the maze like layout you often feel like you are lost in a winter wonderland!

The tunnels are awe inspiring!

There are too many gorgeous things to take pictures of in there, but I think my favourite part is the colour. The most perfect shades of blue and teal are waiting around every corner.

Hope you had a good weekend as well, cheers to a new week!