Raise your hand if you're happy it's a short week! It was family day here, which lined up perfectly for a Sunday Valentine's day. We had a really relaxing, fun weekend and having Monday together was icing on the cake. We spent it playing board games and having a nice family dinner, and I hope you guys had a special day with your loved ones if you were also off!

Currently Loving: This guy. He just gets me and makes day to day moments so fun. When you can laugh a lot it sure makes life easy. My most favourite part of doing Big Easy Reno was that we have a good selection of moments captured together! I am typically the one behind the camera and there aren't nearly enough pictures of us together for my liking, specially candid ones. But thanks to screen grabs I literally have hundreds of pictures of us together now!

Currently Making: Home made chalk. I found this recipe from Oh Joy and we have been making a new batch every day in new colours. It is a pretty easy and quick craft, the hardest part is being patient while they dry! Wren has had a blast mixing and coming up with colour schemes for her next batch, and I've had so much fun watching her. It will probably save me a ton of money on chalk too LOL, we always end up going through a billion boxes around here every year thanks to them getting left out or broken.

Currently Giving Up: on getting Ruby to stop making herself a little too at home on some of the furniture. It's a losing battle on this chair and the sofa in the kitchen. Hey, if she can pretzel her body into fitting on it, I can respect the effort enough to let her enjoy a few minutes on it.

Currently Rocking: more pink! Like I said last week, I found a few reasonably priced blush pieces recently that have me feeling spring like and excited to come up with new outfits again! This Brooklyn tee is my current favourite, for a slouchy fit I sized up to a Medium (I'm usually a Small). Similar wedge work boots.

Currently Watching: BIG EASY RENO!!! We got a surprise re-airing on Saturday, only hearing about it on Friday! We still don't know if we are getting a green light, but it sounds like this is a good sign while we wait to hear. I had so much fun live tweeting it this time! It was a lot more relaxed and chill and some of my NOLA buddies came out to support and had me laughing my head off. It is still totally surreal that afterwards Joanna Gaines tweeted us that she liked the show (WHAAAAA???? SHE MADE MY LIFE!).

Currently Listening To: Who Be Lovin Me by Santigold and I Love Makonnen. It's a fun bubblegum pop song that makes me want to dance every time it comes up in my playlist. 

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