A clean kitchen

The title says it all. The kitchen was a miraculous level of clean recently so I snapped some pics to update our Home Sweet Home tab further. It had a deep cleaning for the Flare shoot in early January and it has stayed impressively tidy. I think it is all our purging paying off. When there isn't a pile of miscellaneous stuff piling up everyone is more responsible about putting things in their proper place  (keys, mail, coins, batteries, etc. the stuff that quickly piles up without even thinking about it).

If you are new around here and want more info on the cabinets and our kitchen reno click here for an updated review after living with it for a while~.

The comfiest corner of the kitchen, where we replaced the eat-in nook with a little sofa. We hang out here daily and it was the best use of the space for us!

I'll be continuing to update the home tour tab over the next week or two, thank you for your patience if you're tired of the updated home tour that's been ongoing!!!