Seeing Pink

I have been meaning to give this candle holder I bought at Crate and Barrel on clearance about a year ago a pink makeover for what feels like forever. I loved the shape and we bought a couple for the cabin since Red was part of the kitchen colour scheme, and they were so cheap ( on clearance for $11 if I remember right) that I thought I'd buy one for our house and just paint it. 

Good intentions, although it just wasn't something that I remembered to get done. But the purge continues and I stumbled across it on a shelf in the basement while was rounding up my latest pile of goodwill donations this week and decided it time I either use it or lose it.

A couple coats of Ballet Slipper by Krylon did the trick.

A very festive corner, just in time for Valentine's Day. Although, I have no issues with proudly tossing around shades of pink and giant hearts any day of the year. Why confine it to one time of year? Spread the love!

[ heart print from my friend Jenna's store, you can find it here]

If you to see the little dip dye table makeover from a couple years ago here is that post as well!