Things That Make Me Happy

I didn't really have a chance to scope out the after Christmas sales thanks to that flu I've endlessly mentioned, but last week I made a small trip into the mall while Wren was at school. It was during a Target run (my closest Target is actually in the mall, not a good combo for the bank account!!) so I picked up a handful of goodies. Here are those treats as well as a few little moments I've savored of late.

I finally got myself a disco ball! (on clearance for $2.64 at SuperStore) I decided I NEEDED one ever since I saw Ashley's. But disco balls don't just pop up all that often, so I had no idea when I would finally make the acquisition. Well, mission accomplished and I am thrilled with it!
 photo IMG_9191_zps34b54d54.jpg 

{ a selection of fresh fudge always makes things better }
 photo IMG_9165_zps82a7328d.jpg 

{ cute mouse slippers from Urban Outfitters (that I totally intend to wear outside when Spring debuts). Kind of cheesy for a 30 year old? maybe, but I am gonna rock them regardless. Bad pun intended folks }
 photo IMG_9220_zps17c7b7b1.jpg 

{ beautiful hyacinth and daffodil bulbs, transplanted into a couple of leftover candle containers. I have a ton of them laying around thanks to my endless candle addiction so I have decided to give them a reincarnation this spring}
 photo IMG_9187_zpsf63ae32a.jpg 

{ a perfectly slouchy sweater (found on sale at Gap here), complete with elbow patches that should carry me through the end of Winter }
 photo IMG_9204_zps44993052.jpg

I hope you are having a happy and fantastic day, and feel free to share some of the things making you happy right now!! Sharing is caring guys.