Inspired 5.0

I fought pinterest for ages. I really truly avoided it for fear of losing hours lost in beautiful images. Then I caved last year to help communicate with our New Orleans Design team on Big Easy Reno (the amazing duo of Logan Killen Interiors were my behind the scenes angels!!! Working into the wee hours of the morning and shopping with me until we literally dropped from exhaustion), and exactly as I anticipated I became hooked. 

But not just because of the endless pretty spaces and perfectly style dinner ideas, hair styles and fashion inspiration. More than anything I've been amazed at how much inspiration I find in the most random images. Here are a handful that literally stopped me in my tracks and gave me pause over the past week.

1. Gav & Ro / 2. Erwin Wurm / 3. My Scandinavian Home / 4.

I mean, if a chicken with balloons for a head doesn't give you pause, what will? But really, I just feel invigorated that people are sharing so many unique ideas, images, sounds. That's the beauty of social media. How would I ever come across said chicken in the routine of my daily life otherwise? I have these and MANY MANY more seemingly meaningless images on my 'Inspired' board, but they are far from meaningless to me. Regardless if it's the perfect hue of chippy pink or a unique photo of a dish sponge, every single one stirred something within, tapped on some inner string of mine to hit the perfect note. Which is exactly what art does to a person I guess.