It's 11:31 and I'm sitting here typing out this post thinking about where the year has gone. I mean, yeah it's only March, but man I feel like 2016 is breezing past too fast. And yet too slow in soooo many ways. I'm gonna get honest here today and just lay out how odd the past two years have been where time is concerned. I truly and honestly have no experience with how ANY tv shows are made, just the experience I've personally had with Big Easy Reno and it's a bizarre type of roller coaster you get on when this comes in to your life. First there's the line, where you are waiting to get on the ride and the anticipation is wild and you are trying to be patient but it's hard and you have no idea what to expect, just that it's gonna be crazy and scary and fun. This is basically when someone is tossing around the idea of the show and you have no idea if you even meet the height requirements to be on this ride/show. Then you are near the front of the line and are about to get on and it suddenly becomes kind of scary but you know you'll love it in the end. So you just go for it. Then you make the show and it's the best experience ever and yet you can't really tell anyone you even did it! But the real challenge for me has come after. It's the weeks and months of waiting where absolutely EVERYTHING is out of your control. That's hard, specially for me. It's in the hands of the best people I have ever worked with but man, you feel absolutely powerless. You are torn into these weird dual emotions where you want to just fast forward and find out what the next few years of your life are gonna look like, but yet you don't want to wish away these moments with your family and every day that passes Wren is getting older and less little and I want time to stop for that. 

So yeah, I have a love/hate thing happening with Father time lately

It's sounds like we will be heading back to New Orleans again soon to do some new and exciting stuff (I don't know if I am even allowed to share that LOL), and getting on another roller coaster for a bit. But I'd like you all to come along for the ride this time because honestly, the hardest part is how weirdly isolated it feels to not share this major part of my life. My blog IS my life, or a snapshot of it at least, and not sharing much of this journey has been challenging. One of the biggest blessings of our adventure has been in connecting with Ben and Erin, who I like to call our production company siblings, because we've been on a similar path for the past few years and it has been massively therapeutic to discuss this roller coaster ride with someone on the same roller coaster. I don't think that's common, so I cherish them and this bond we have. But I want you all to join us more than anything, because it is your love and support that even started this whole thing. So yeah, if you're up for the adventure, I'm gonna drag you along this time, cool? 

So, that turned into a weird, long therapy-like session (thanks!) and now let's get down to what I ACTUALLY came here to share: a Currently post!

Currently Enjoying: dinner while it's still light!! Man I forget how awesome this is all winter. We are often the hosts for family dinner on my side of the family and it's always fun to kick off the weekend with a big old family style diner.

Currently Rocking: Hair that desperately needs a cut and my favourite shirt from Soul Honey,

Currently Listening To: Same Ol' Mistakes by Rihanna. It's super chill and relaxed, and well, it easily gets stuck in my head.

Currently Making: Bath bombs. We were first timers when it came to making them, but it was super easy to find online tutorials and except for the citric acid, all the ingredients were easy to come by. We ended up getting the citric acid at Bulk Barn and we will definitely be making a second batch ASAP! They are the perfect kid craft.

Currently Loving: Toffee's little hair trim. He's beautiful and he knows it! His last hair cut was too short for my liking, I like him a little wooly and fuzzy.

And there ya have it! A little snapshot of life (thanks for pushing through the first two paragraphs LOL).