The Purge

You'd think I'd be done this year long purge by now, right? Nope. We are getting down to the nitty gritty though, and it feels so refreshing to really see it start to pay off. I promise, I'm ALMOST done talking about this LOL. 

I did my half of the closet last week and it has been the single most life changing part of this process. I edited a bit last year, and over the past few months. But last week I put some real pressure on myself to get it down as much as possible by literally giving myself 40 wooden hangers to use and everything needs to be limited to those. I hang almost everything, so this is easier said than done. I also went through all the dresser drawers and tossed all the single socks I keep meaning to located the partners for, pajamas that don't get worn and bathing suits I know I don't want to wear anymore. 

I didn't quite manage to keep it to 40 hangers, but give or take 10 more hangers and I was able to weed out about 50% of my wardrobe. You are probably asking WHY? Why would I want to get rid of some of my favourite pieces of clothing? Well, I don't wear them. Or if I do, it's not often enough to justify letting it keep me feeling weighed down. I am FINALLY at that stage of the purging, where I am only wanting to keep things that are both useful and loved. It's not enough to just do one or the other, everything needs to be doing those two things to warrant keeping.

And I am already feeling so much better about the clothing I do have. It all seems to easily coordinate together now, and getting dressed every morning feels both effortless and exciting. I'm not feeling overwhelmed (I didn't realize I even was feeling that way until now!) and I can make better decisions about what new items will eventually be included since I want to continue having things coordinate well and be interchangeable. 

I also have fun news for some of you! I have been taking all my closet clean out items to local consignment store Blogger Armoire this past year, but I had a few requests on Instagram to do it old school and hold a closet sale like I used to since so many of you are not local. I threw a few items up into the SHOP tab on the menu, and if you guys are wanting more I can definitely keep restocking from my pile of consignment items. I'll leave the items up for a week before I make a run to drop off the bulk of the load at Blogger Armoire next week. Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions about any items! Happy Shopping!!

Wren's face this morning perfectly sums up how I feel after all this organizing and purging!