Time to Tidy

We are putting the final touch ups on the new trim and taking out the last of the tools in Wren's new bathroom! The hardest job I have tackled in my renovation experience is the seemingly never ending cleaning required after a bathroom renovation. The sand from grout is still present, even in the smallest amounts, after a few passes and the haze on tile after new grout takes a good amount of elbow grease (and a good acidic cleaner) to fully get it off.

But the cleaning like shining the new faucets, shower head, and getting the counter top sparkling is always fun while you admire all you're hard work and pretty new space! 

I am totally gaga over Common Good, a house hold cleaning supply company I found recently. I love that they appreciate that some of us are looking for both eco, family friendly products and stylish packaging. Between Wren and all the dogs I feel like I am always wiping something off the floor/counter/wall and with bottles so cute I don't need to keep them out of sight. 

I've been using the Tea Tree all purpose cleaner on everything from the tub to the floor and it is amazingly effective and smells heavenly. I'm a full convert!

I swear, I am so easily in love with the simplest things LOL. But when you clean as much as I feel like I do it's a big deal to find a little joy in it~