The Packing Post (aka NOLA outfits)

We have (most) of our bags packed, our additional necessities (dog gear, camera stuff, my Breville) all ready to load into the car and Sean and I are about to embark on a 3 day road trip that hopefully won't end in disaster... 3 days in the car seems like a LONGGGG time!  

Once we arrive in New Orleans on Monday I will be hitting the ground running with the designs we are working on for our homeowners and won't have much time to focus on shopping for myself. To get camera ready I've grabbed a couple items recently that you may see on the show this Fall, but by then you probably won't be able to track them down so I thought I'd share now! All my show-related outfits are pretty affordable because they could possibly get ruined in the process (I usually don't dress too cute on job sites when cameras aren't around).

I am trying to remember just how hot it is in the South... This tunic with a pair of capri leggings seems to say "I kind of know what I'm doing" so I thought I needed it.

This most likely won't make it on camera, but is what I envision rocking while I'm riding new cruiser bike through the French Quarter. I'm hoping that's not going to look as cliche as it sounds. A girl has to daydream right?

Urban Outfitters tomboy romper

This is the perfect little summer dress. The ruching on the back keeps it nicely fitted and it isn't too short on me so I am thinking I will rely heavily on this little number.

Old Navy raw edge dress

This top is super versatile, off the shoulder/on the shoulder, wear as you please. I just love the light weight feel of with without feeling like the shirt is too sheer. I am gonna wear this with my favourite overalls regularly.

Urban Outfitters ruffle top

I don't see it online, but I grabbed this cute clutch at Old Navy as well for a few evenings out. It will go with a big chunk of my stuff and nicely jazzes up an otherwise simple outfit, like my favourite old ripped jean shorts and a loose black tank.

I'm sure I'll pick up a handful more items that feel weather appropriate and construction appropriate... but it's proving hard to find stuff that fits both those needs.

I doubt I'll be posting here again until we are settled into our house in New Orleans, but I will be sure to share once we are up and running with our wifi, etc !

Toodles! xoxo