Woven Wonder

I added a new art piece to the living/dining room this past week by the insanely talented Ashley Izsak

Isn't it the epitome of HAPPY!?! It just brings a smile to my face when I walk in here. I actually moved my computer to the dining table a couple days this week just to stare at it when I should have been working LOL. 

I first saw Ashley's creations on Instagram and immediately fell in love. She has such an inspiring view of colour and texture and the palettes she favours are definitely in my comfort zone.

I impatiently stalked the mailbox until this pretty little package showed up, and I knew it would be everything and more in person when I saw that pretty pom pom.

It was prettier in person, which I didn't think could be possible, but the colours are so soft and yet eye catching.

I decided this wall in the dining room was the perfect spot for it. We have a good amount of mint and blue accents in here that pop nicely with all the white.

A few of the accents that tie so well with the weaving.

And because that pom pom was just too lovely to toss out...

I haven't been this excited by a piece of art in quite a while, I am already saving for my next piece!