Sew Beautiful

I had quite a pile of pretty waiting in the mailbox today! My first Sewn Designs bralettes showed up to give this dreary, gloomy Monday a dose of flirty pastels.

I am sure they will get some use before we leave in a couple weeks since it has been so unseasonably hot here already, but I got them for that stiflingly humid New Orleans heat. I have some cute outfits lined up, many with open backs, and these light weight beauties will be perfect for adding a delicate detail.

I love the very gentle, light pastel hues. They almost look too pretty to wear!

I have a couple packing/Summer outfit posts coming soon for what I've got lined up to wear while we're away, which will definitely include these guys, as well as all the recent purchases I've made for Big Easy Reno (NO, I don't get hair, makeup or wardrobe on set! What you see is all me, for better or worse LOL).

Definitely check out Canadian based Sewn Designs, their handmade creations will leave you longing for a prettier lingerie collection!