Hello! It's been a busy couple months, and while I've been regularly updating on Instagram and Instagram stories, I've barely had a minute to sit down and write much here. I just started a new renovation last week that I will share a little more about hopefully this week, so planning and organizing that (it's been in the works since last Fall!) before the demo began was busy and exciting! 

We had a final blast of Winter this weekend and while it was still busy with a diving competition Wren had and picking up a few orders for the new reno, I enjoyed a cosy Sunday afternoon in the kitchen freshening up. 

Over the past year I organized and purged the drawers and cupboards in our kitchen, tackling each one sporadically. It felt like a more manageable job to just get through one drawer over time. But still, even trying to maintain it once it was organized there were occasionally a few things put in the wrong spot when cleaning or baking, so I gave it a quick touch up this weekend!

It didn't take very long now that I have a pretty good system and it was a good chance to give all the drawers a good wipe down. Love the season of Spring cleaning!

For me, the biggest maintenance issues are in the pantry since there are always more groceries coming in and sometimes you buy things that you don't regularly use for a recipe, plus kids are always rifling in there for a snack with little concern for my dreams of an Pinterest worthy pantry. Before you know it the whole thing looks like a bomb went off.  I have reserved one pantry drawer for just snacks and treats (and it usually looks disheveled), but the rest have been sorted and grouped as Baking, Cooking, and Misc. drawers

The baking drawer used to be the most overwhelming, just due to how many things were in there and how often I bought duplicates of something not realizing I already had some. These glass food storage jars from Dollarama only cost $1.25-$3 each and they are AMAZING!!! I also use them for the cooking drawer to sort pasta, rice, polenta, etc. The variety in sizes they have make them perfect for smaller quantity items like Baking powder, shredded coconut, cocoa, and everything else from chocolate chips to oats in bigger jars.

I love being able to see everything and exactly how much is left. I honestly never thought I could be someone with an organized kitchen. Taking the time to sort through it all and find storage solutions for the pantry to get it where it is now makes me happy every every time I go to bake or cook! And all for under $50 in organization supplies.