Friday Potpourri

Summer and candles don't always seem like a perfect combo, but I actually kind of think they are. I'll admit that I'm the first person looking for an excuse to light a candle, but honestly, I think Summer is my second favourite candle season (Winter is first, obviously!). But my reasoning isn't that I enjoy lighting candles in the Summer...

It's that I've noticed a good candle is extra fragrant in the Summer. Usually, without even being lit I can smell my favourite candles on a warm afternoon! So the fact that I get to enjoy my latest scent obsession twice really (unlit, and again when I light it up) is my reasoning for loving candles, even in the Summer. 

In other master bedroom news, I picked up a second fiddle leaf fig a month or so back at Home Depot. Did you know they are only $16.99 there???!!! It's basically been the only plant I cannot kill, so I though adding one to this little corner in the bedroom would be the perfect hit of color, texture and height.

I plopped it into a favourite woven Ikea basket/bag I had laying around, adding the perfect amount of drama while still feeling calming and simple like the rest of the room. 

The candle I'm currently burning and obsessing over it this Wild Herb and Patchouli candle from Makers of Wax Goods. I know patchouli isn't for everyone, but I honestly can't smell it. The aroma is more of a perfect cologne/musk while still smelling natural. 

This particular afternoon this week was dull and rainy and the perfect excuse to light up a candle and curl up with a good book. An afternoon like that is so lovely mixed in with a string of hot, sunny, pool side days.

Happy Weekend, Friend!

xoxo Holly